QR Codes

Sendmode’s Mobile websites provides a QR code feature to customers.

But what is a QR Code?

A QR / Quick Response code is a mobile readable barcode, providing a paper-based hyperlink used to connect the physical world to the online world. The user needs install a QR reader on their mobile phone, through their phones app market. Then they scan the QR Code is scanned using the camera on the mobile phone or device, which translate the code into actionable information.

So, QR Codes are essentially electronic barcodes of information. Sendmode can provides QR codes displaying:

  1. Urls – You can use the QR to direct users to a specific page on your mobile website, providing the additional information on the topic. This would be ideal to link users to you demo videos, the order now page of your website or even just to more information.
  2. Find Us – This is a very useful feature to place in a QR code on marketing material, as it will enable the scanner to find where you are located and visit your office/store with the aid of a ‘phone friendly’ map, the map could be link on a website which enable you to display your special offers. Google Places page with customer reviews, coupons, photos of the business and videos.
  3. Booking Requests – This enables users to interact with the company by make a booking or contacting the company with a question directly from their mobile device.
  4. Tell A Friend – People share what they like through social networking and e-mail, this feature enables users to interact easily with these sharing tools. This feature will enable users to share your company / product details using this QR facility.
  5. Coupons – Reward your customers with mobile coupons displaying all your special offers. This feature will drive traffic to your mobile website and to your business / store when they scan the QR Code on your print and online advertising, including newsletters.
  6. Keep Me Informed – This QR code will encourage users to interact with you by joining your mailing / subscribers list. And the great thing about it is you can interact back with e-mail updates or text message alerts or offers.
  7. Events Calendar– QR Codes are a great way to promote and share your upcoming events through online and offline marketing campaigns.
  8. Reviews – Share your valuable reviews with customers using QR Codes as the promotional tool. The reviews can be used a sales tool to reassure and encourage users to make a purchase with your company.

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