Planning an Event? – Bulk SMS is an Essential Extra

Marketing Old Style

If you’ve ever watched the Blues Brothers, think back to the part when Jake and Elwood drive around in the car with a huge megaphone strapped to the roof, advertising their gig that’s happening that night at the Palace Hotel Ballroom. They’re hoping that they get the message out to enough people so that they successfully fill the hall?

Aren’t you glad you don’t have market your event like that? Back in the day, if you were organising an event, you either had to send invitations out through the post or spend hours on the telephone trying to get hold of people who were rarely available. Events had to be arranged months in advance, just so that there would be enough time to contact the relevant people and get their replies.

Being Traditional

Nowadays of course people are much easier to contact, you can use the traditional methods like the post and the telephone, but there’s also social media and the internet.

Use the Power of your Mobile Phone

However, the easiest and cheapest method of keeping tabs on a group of people is through SMS messaging, because the majority of people have their mobiles phones on them at all times. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they are doing, nowadays, people are always available.

Get the Word Out with Bulk SMS Messaging

If you’re organising an event then sending a bulk SMS message to all the people that you want at the event ensures that everyone gets the message quickly. It is also the perfect way to build up the excitement before the day arrives, with promotional texts and videos.

It’s Not Just for the Guests

SMS bulk messaging also works well if you have to keep in touch with staff and security. You can send important instructions or any changes out with one message and not have to worry about getting hold of the right people individually, which could take up a lot of your valuable time.

Use a Messaging Company with a Good Reputation

Here at Sendmode we know all about Bulk SMS messaging, in fact we have won awards for the quality of our service. We provide an affordable package that ensures that the people you want at your event get the message. We can also help you with other mobile marketing solutions too, so if you want your event to be the most talked about of the year, contact us today.

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