Do You Have the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

As another special occasion approaches us we’re all wondering what can I do that’s different this year? Our mothers are one of the most important role models in our lives, and when Mother’s Day comes along we try our best to come up with a new and distinctive gift idea.

So put yourself in your customer’s shoes, it’s one week before Mother’s Day and they’re scratching their heads wondering what to buy this year.  Have you got the perfect gift idea, Mother’s Day package or special family treat?  Do your customers know about it?  When planning how to promote your service or product, including mobile marketing is imperative today.  Ideas will be searched for on mobile devices more so than last year, therefore it’s so important for you to have a mobile friendly website.  In addition, target those last minute shoppers with bulk SMS marketing by sending them a concise text message with a clear call to action explaining how they can purchase from you.

Whether its flowers, chocolates, jewellery, a spa break or lunch for the family. If you don’t tell your customers about your products how are they expected to know? Bulk SMS marketing goes straight into their inbox and the ubiquity of mobile phones almost guarantees your message will be read (98% in fact). So come up with a great message and send it out to your customers now, mothers everywhere will thank you!

For ideas or help with your Mother’s Day Bulk SMS Marketing contact Trevor on 0203-411-4464 or email

Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day!

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