multi-channel marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

As we all know, one of the hardest tasks for any business owner is to effectively market their products or services. As business owners, we are experts in our chosen profession but that doesn’t make us an expert in marketing!! We all know this pain and it is up to us to drive the business forward through as many marketing channels as possible, and for the lowest cost with the best return. Marketers call this Multi-channel marketing, we call it trying everything!!!!

Over the past 5 years as our customer base has grown, more and more business owners are asking us about multi-channel marketing and would Sendmode’s service evolve in that direction. “Sendmode is already well known for SMS Marketing but it would be great if you would add Social Media, Email, You Tube Marketing to your product. We could do everything from the one application” one of our customers said.

Well we listened!! And the first step towards making Sendmode an all-in-one shop for your marketing needs was the release of our free Social Media Management Application which enables our customers to post to all social media channels in one go. Our customers can then come back and see the results at any time for example; who has liked or retweeted their messages.

We then released our mobile websites application allowing customers to create a mobile version of their website in seconds. This enhances the user experience for your customers and as most people now use mobiles to browse the internet, having a mobile friendly website is now imperative for business with an online presence.

We have some more developments in the pipeline for later this year which we are very excited about and we will release in due course. So far we cover SMS Marketing, Mobile Website, Twitter, Facebook and Linked In Marketing.

If you would like to know more about our multi-channel marketing application and how easy it to use and deploy your marketing campaigns please feel free to call Sendmode at any time on 020-3411-4464 or email

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