Mobile Usage Trends

If your business currently relies solely on traditional marketing methods, your full potential is just one, simple step away! Bulk SMS Messaging has proven to be a phenomenally successful marketing tool, steadily increasing footfall and bottom lines for thousands of businesses globally!

Why Mobile Marketing WILL work for you:-

  • Simple, free set up
  • Ubiquity of mobile phones
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Use
  • Time Saving
  • Succinct, concise, real-time communication
  • Builds, grows and strengthens customer relationships
  • Ensures brand loyalty

Robin Bordoli, VP and General Manger of partner ecosystems and new markets at Marketo states, “In environments for people who are always on the go, mobile is the primary device”. Furthermore he adds, “for customers who opt-in, SMS marketing remains one of the best ways for marketers to make a timely, direct connection and provide troves of customer data”.

Once you check out the findings published in the recent Citrix Mobile Analytics Report, there is little more convincing necessary!

– Mobile advertisements reaching audiences in 2014 has doubled since 2013

– The ubiquity of mobile usage:-

  • 70% check their mobiles whilst they are eating
  • 35% take their mobile to bed
  • 48% check their messages whilst using the bathroom!
  • 18% use their mobile device whilst on a date
  • 9% use their mobile during an interview

– 5 in 10 smartphone subscribers are served by ads

– Mobile ads are served to 50% of smartphone subscribers

– 50% of web pages now load in 5 seconds or less compared to 8 seconds in 2013 – it is imperative your website is mobile friendly!

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