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Mobile Marketing – Customer Retention versus New Customer

Mobile Marketing offers a level of optimal reach, relevance, targeting and immediacy that no other marketing tool can challenge. Businesses view mobile messaging as rapidly becoming the mainstay within their marketing arsenal. Two key elements of the success of mobile messaging is customer retention and customer loyalty.

Clearly, maintaining existing customer loyalty is much more cost-efficient than trying to win the affections of new customers. Therefore, relevancy and timeliness are paramount to the success of your SMS campaigns. Contextual relevance and message delivery timing to each individual customer is essential for your business to retain its existing customers. The power of personalization cannot be underestimated! Advanced targeting database segmentation is your answer! Simply … customers want to receive messages that suit their particular interests, at a time that suits them!

Get to know your customers by sending out short surveys and when possible, gather personal details at the point of sale, in order to determine core demographic data such as; age, gender, interests, location etc. On collating and analyzing the information, segment your database accordingly. Results have shown that recipients are much more likely to respond to, and act upon a text if it relates to their individual requirements and is received at a time that suits them. Segmentation will be a crucial element of your campaigns moving forward.

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