Mobile Marketing Companies

There are lots of mobile marketing companies out there nowadays both home and international which will promise you everything you need in your marketing. With mobile penetration passing 100% there is no doubt that every business should have a mobile marketing strategy. Below are some points to consider when choosing a mobile marketing company.

Legal Requirements

Mobile phones are very personal to us and people get very upset when they receive spam on their phones. This is why laws have been enacted to stop spamming. Make sure your mobile marketing company is cognisant of the legal requirements for permission based marketing in the country you are marketing in.

Beware of too Low Pricing

Like any other industry there will be companies who offer crazy prices. Most companies will be in and around the same price with some slightly lower or higher. Be wary of mobile marketing companies with outlier pricing which is a lot lower than competitors. In our experience these prices mean severe compromises on quality and your time will be taken up with complaints from your customers.

Customer Service is Key

There will be times when you will need something done as soon as possible and you will need to contact the company immediately. Many companies use IVR and ticketing systems for support. Avoid these and look for those who give you a phone number and you can speak to a real person who can deal with your questions there and then.

Established Company

Mobile marketing companies come and go in this industry all the time and you would be wise to choose a company with a strong track record of service in the industry. Look for at least 5 years in the industry.

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