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Measurable Marketing with Mobile Vouchers

Bulk SMS is a hugely popular marketing tool for business owners who want to connect instantly with their customer base. With 98% of all SMS messages opened with 90% opened within 3 minutes of receipt, business owners are pretty much guaranteed that their customers will open and read their messages. It is easy to see why Bulk SMS is used by so many business owners.

Mobile Vouchers allow the campaigns to be tailored to each individual customer and provides a new level of reporting granularity to business owners. Sendmode have just released a new Mobile Voucher feature to complement our hugely popular Bulk SMS product. Below are a few reasons to consider using mobile vouchers in your marketing campaigns.

Measure the Return

The number one question on all business owners lips after a marketing campaign is “How must did it cost and how much did it bring in revenue?”. With Mobile Vouchers, you can answer this question. Every customer gets a unique code delivered with your marketing messages. When these codes are redeemed the return on investment loop has been completed.

After the campaign business owners can see how many customers have responded and how much the revenue has been generated by the campaign.

Business Intelligence

Mobile Voucher can provide a level of business intelligence which provides results on a number of key performance indicators for your business and marketing campaigns.

KPIs such as the following;

  • Did the campaign make money or lose money?
  • How many customers responded to this campaign?
  • Who are my best customers?

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