Marketing in the age of social media

Marketing in the age of social media

In a recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “Marketing in the Age of Social Media”, the authors write about how companies have spent billions in the past decade on building brands through social media and attempt to build relationships directly with customers. The idea was that social media would create a hub for your customer community to base themselves around.

However it hasn’t worked out that way. In fact very few brands have generated meaningful consumer interest online.
One of reasons for this is that consumers have become digital crowds and formed crowd cultures which rather than follow brands will follow trends created by the culture. They will opt in and opt out of brands quickly and customer loyalty is getting harder and harder to achieve.

Consider this the next time a social media “guru” tries to tell you that we must all use social media in our businesses and spend large amounts of money building brands.

As owners of SME’s we have limited time and budget to spend on marketing. When I speak to many of my colleagues they present a similar picture to the Harvard Business Review article above did. Namely, that they have spent a lot of time on social media but are seeing very little in meaningful return, in fact it takes up a lot of their time to maintain their social media presence.

This is one of the reasons why direct marketing with SMS and email are still hugely popular for business owners. Both are quick, reliable, connect directly with the consumer ( and allow the consumer to opt out easily) and are low cost ways of directly marketing to your audience, it’s worth noting SMS has an open rate of 98% as opposed to email at only 22%.

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From our experience in the SMS business, SME’s who know their customers, give them the offers they want and reach out to them personally and directly get an immediate return from their marketing.

I hope you found this helpful in any way and thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We love the feedback we receive from everyone and it is our customers and blog readers who drive the innovation in our SMS Marketing service.