Manage Four Marketing Tools from One Place

Marketing your business in today’s fast paced environment is more difficult than any business owner ever imagined it would be. With so many different marketing tools available to choose from it’s not easy to work out which ones are most effective for your business. When you have finally worked out which mediums are most successful at targeting your potential customers, you have the great task of managing all them all at once.

At Sendmode we recognise that small business owners are under a lot of pressure for time. That is why we have continued to add new marketing products to our platform over the past five years.  The Sendmode platform allows you to manage up to four different marketing tools from one place. The Bulk SMS module allows you to send and receive bulk text messages to and from your customers.  Within this module you can use our mobile keywords, email to SMS application, school text system, API and gateway.  Create a mobile friendly website from within your Sendmode account, our easy to use integrated module lets you build your own custom mobile website with templates and analytics provided. Sendmode also allow you to manage your social media activity in our social media management application. Schedule and analyse activity on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn saving you hours of time flicking between all three accounts. Finally, our voucher system built for the gaming industry sends personalised voucher codes to customers via SMS which can later be redeemed in store, tracked and analysed.

Sendmode is a proven time effective mobile marketing platform.  Consider using more with Sendmode for your next marketing campaign, product launch or big sale.  Contact Trevor for more information on 0203-411-4464 or email

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Sendmode Home Screen

Sendmode Home Screen

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