low cost marketing for butchers

Low Cost Marketing for Butchers

This blog discusses low cost marketing techniques for businesses in the fast moving consumer goods area, in particular low cost marketing for butchers.

With so many tasks to be completed during the day and marketing your business being one of the most critical of all, we need to find ways which will reach your target audience as directly as possible. While designing flyers, newspaper and radio ads can take many hours and are expensive, we will be concentrating on Digital Marketing and Mobile Marketing which, if used correctly can do most of your marketing automatically for you.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is how you market your business on the internet. The main areas are your website and social media accounts. Many businesses are now forgoing a website for a simple and easy to maintain social media page like a Facebook page.

Posting to your Facebook and Twitter pages is free but with so many messages coming through on peoples feeds, be aware that your message can get lost in the noise.

Mobile Marketing

People check their phones 150 times each day and carry them everywhere with them, why not harness this channel and market directly to your customers. 90% of SMS Text Messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt and combined with your customers giving you permission to market to their phones, your messages are welcomed.

Digital and Mobile Marketing providers will also provide functionality to schedule promotions at any time in the future, freeing you up to do your daily tasks and knowing that your promotions will be delivered automatically at the times and dates you specified.

Finally, you can get permission from your customers by asking them to text in to a short code number like the one in the poster below. This gives your customers an easy and unobstrusive way of opting in to receive your marketing messages.

We’ve been in the SMS Marketing business for over 7 years now and as said above, with more than 20,000 happy customers from all kinds of businesses, schools and sports organizations, we would be delighted to show you how SMS Marketing can benefit your business.

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I hope you found this helpful in some way and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.