How to Improve your Content on Facebook

So you’re using the Sendmode social media management application, you’ve seen your social score and now you want to take advantage of our tips to improve your content.  If you need some clarification on what we’ve advised, you’re in the right place.  Below we’ve gone into more detail on each of the tips we offered you within the social media management application.

Ensure your content is relevant / Consider what your customers want to hear from you

What you post on Facebook will ultimately dictate how successful your page is.  It’s a simple given that your customers will not engage with you unless they are interested in what you have to say.  Like we’ve already said, you know your customers better than anyone, so you should have a rough idea what they might like to hear from you.  This can often be the most time consuming aspect of social media, so make sure you set apart some time to allow yourself to think about what to post.  You may have read an interesting article about your industry, why not share it?  You have a special offer running next week, so tell them about that.  You hired a new employee, take a photo of him/her and post that welcoming them to the team.  You’ve updated your blog, why not share the link. Did your local paper do a feature on your business, take a high quality photo of it and post that.  There are lots of things you could do, just make sure they are relevant to your business and your customers will begin to engage with you.

Try using more images, links or videos

Adding a status to Facebook is great, but why not make them more interesting by using photos, videos or links.  Customers love photos and videos, they help to bring your post alive.  Your engagement score is more likely to increase if customers are clicking on images, links or videos too.

There are lots of images online you can use; just do a simple Google search. Or take photos of your own products and add an album for all your different product ranges. You can make your own videos too. Share links to your website or to interesting articles you have read online that you think your customers will want to know about.

What has been successful in the past?

Look back at the different types of posts you have done so far on Facebook; statuses, photos, videos, links, competitions, questions etc.  It won’t take you very long to work out what type of content your customers want to engage with. From them, just try to do more of the same.

Remember to be entertaining

Facebook is a social network, and people like to be entertained through this medium.  We’re not suggesting that you post every funny photo or video that you see on Facebook, because your customers might not have the same sense of humour as you, and you don’t want to annoy them.  Be entertaining, but don’t push it!

Run a competition or spotlighting your customers

Why not improve your content by running a competition for your customer.  We’re not suggesting a ‘like and share’ competition; try to be a little more creative. One example is a ‘Fill the blank’ competition with the winner receiving a voucher ‘To me, Sendmode are……..’, of course anything along the lines of ‘fantastic’ would make you a winner for us!

People love to see themselves on Facebook (well, most people), so why not spotlight your customers by taking their photo next time they’re in your store and thank them online for their custom. Or perhaps you’re a fashion retailer, why not profile what your customers are wearing, purchasing, favourite picks this week, etc.

Consider involving your customers by asking them questions and requesting feedback

Much like the previous tip, you can improve your content on Facebook by involving your customers, ask them relevant questions or request their feedback.  You have to be open to negative criticism however, and be prepared to respond to any comments as soon as possible.  Facebook is an instant form of communication and customers want to be acknowledged immediately.

Use hashtags (#) in your posts to stimulate growth

Using a hashtag on Facebook turns the word into a clickable link.  When you click on the link you’ll be able to see all the posts relating to that hashtag.  You can use hashtags in a number of ways; just remember to keep an eye on your social score to see if they are making a difference.

  • You can get your business in front of people who may not see your posts otherwise.
  • You can post the same content across all your social media platforms as hashtags are used in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest posts.
  • You can use a special hashtag to promote a new product or special occasion.

Also remember that hashtags have to be all one word e.g. #sendmodeblog; capitalisation doesn’t matter; you can make up whatever hashtag you want; and research the hashtag before you use it.

Include a Call to Action in your posts

A call to action is some kind of prompt that will encourage your customer to engage with you. ‘Click here’ ‘Visit our website’ ‘Share this photo’ ‘Tell us what you think about…’.  You must be precise in telling your customers exactly what you want them to do.  Including a call to action often improves engagement.

You might want to consider targeting individual customer segments with personalised content

Instead of just posting general content, information and special offers, why not try to find out which of your customers are most receptive to Facebook than others.  For example, if you can see in your demographic information that most of your customers are males aged between 25-34 and you run a bar, why not post information about your drinks promotion which will run on Wednesday night during the Champions League match?  Tell your customers they must present the code you published on the Facebook post in order to avail of the promotion and then track how successful the post was.

Good luck with these tips!  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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