how do i get more customers

How Do I Get More Customers?

The question of how do I get more customers for my business is one probably the single most asked question by all business owners. Sendmode offers 4 tips that will build your customer lists.

Partner Up

Develop partnerships with local businesses which service the same market as your business. An example of this is the high end clothing boutique which partnered with a local BMW outlet to give a free silk scarf to every customer who purchased a BMW. The scarf cost the boutique $16 a piece but over 600 BMW owners visited the boutique, spending an average of $400 each while picking up the free scarf. This particular boutique made $240,000 from a $9,600 investment. This technique is known as forming ‘host-beneficiary’ relationships. In this case the BMW dealer rewarded his customers with a free gift and the boutique got 400 new customers and a big bump in turnover.

Make it easy for customers to keep in touch

There are so many channels available nowadays for you to communicate with your customers, make sure you make it easy to keep in touch with potential, new and current customers. If you wish to use social media, ensure you have resources to do it correctly. Ensure any 2 way communication between customers and your business are followed up in the correct manner.

What about lapsed customers?

You may have a batch of customers who haven’t purchased from you in a while and may be ready for a change ( back ) to you. Send them an SMS or an email with an offer to return to your business.

Referral Scheme

Lots of ideas for referral schemes can be generated in a brainstorming session with your staff for example, friends go free, partners go free, friends get 20% discount. Think of lots of different referral promotions and roll them out over a period of time. This will build you database of customers who you can remarket your promotions over time.

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