How best to advertise your SMS Marketing Keywords

If you have started using SMS Marketing you probably already have a number of short messages, offers and engaging content to send to your opt in list.  Furthermore, if you have a competent, well planned and well thought out SMS text campaign, how best do you advertise it??

The fact is that more and more of your competitors are using SMS marketing in their advertising strategies, and if you want your business to stand out in the short message field, you are going to need to reach potential customers with your keyword and your short code from places that are different and, in many cases, unexpected!

Here are a few ideas of how best to advertise your keywords:-

    1. Clothing & other apparel.  An excellent way to brand your business and attract new customers is to put your company name and logo, along with your keyword and short code on employee uniforms, T-shirts, baseball caps, water bottles, umbrellas etc.
    2. Any paperwork you use to communicate with your potential clients and customers should have your SMS message, short code and even a QR code on it before it leaves your business. For example; on your letterhead, business cards, brochures, envelopes, invoices, receipts coupons etc
    3. Any type of vehicle that your Company owns including bicycles, should be branded with your SMS Marketing information so that, wherever they go, new and potential customers will see it.  This would include all delivery services i.e. Moving companies, Taxi companies, Pizzerias/fast food companies etc

Contact Trevor or John at SendMode on 020-3411-446 to find out how best to advertise your SMS Marketing keywords.  In doing so, will gain more exposure of your products/services than your competitors and your messages will ‘stick’ in your potential customers’ minds! Also, be adventurous, use your imagination and consider everything when it comes to getting your SMS Marketing short code and keywords out to the public.

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