Best Results from SMS Marketing

Get the Best Results from SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is immediate advertising ….. ‘immediate’ in that messages can be crafted and dispatched in minutes, resulting in ‘immediate’, favourable sales figures! We’d like to share our secrets with you on how to get the best results from SMS Marketing.

Today’s consumers are mobile, aged from 8 to 80 we are on the move, sending and receiving messages, morning, noon and night! It is essential, as a retailer/service provider wishing to promote products/services and effective, lucrative communication, to meet the increasing mobile expectations of your consumers.

Implementing bulk SMS marketing campaigns will help businesses to:

  • Acquire new mobile customers at low cost
  • Retain existing customers and build customer loyalty
  • Increase mobile engagement and conversions
  • Reap rewards with ‘personalised communication’ – Personalising text messages has a uniquely powerful impact on the recipient
  • Increase ROI – a clear, concise, enticing ‘call to action’ will result in a sale
  • Ensure optimal marketing campaign results by using metrics

Check out our fundamentals to get the best results from SMS marketing campaigns! These top-tips will provide a solid foundation for how to communicate effectively and successfully with new and existing customers.

Clear, Concise Call to Action
Keep it short, sweet and irresistible! Offer exclusive, ‘can’t ignore’ offers. Avoid sending lengthy informational text. Instead, add a link to your landing page. If a customer agrees to sign up for your campaigns, make it worthwhile! Customer opt outs are not desirable!

Know Your Customer & Capture Data
Marketers know what they want from their customers. However, it’s essential to take a step back and consider what the consumer expects from you! What type of messages they want to receive and when they want to receive them. Analyse your customers’ individual detail and demographics.  Subsequently, categorise your database, your entire subscriber list will not be interested in each and every marketing message.

Do Not Disturb
Timing is paramount. You NEVER want to disturb your customer! When a consumer opts in to receive your text messages, the aim is to retain that customer for future marketing, for ever more. Again, customer opt outs are not an option!

Clean Data
If you are blindly marketing to say, 50k customers but 20% of the numbers are invalid, this instantly skews your metrics, it is costly with lower success rates.  Sendmode will ensure your database is clean with no dud mobile numbers, ensuring a clear view on your overall return from each campaign.

Monitor Success Rates – with Sendmode’s reporting system, you can closely monitor your marketing campaigns, highlighting what is effective and what requires tweaking, resulting in ever increasing sales figures!

Keep on the Right Side of the Law

Remember, SMS Marketing is permission based. Significant fines can be incurred if you’re utilising mobile numbers without permission.

SMS is simply the best! It works for EVERY customer, on EVERY device.

Avail of our free trail now and get the best results from SMS marketing with Sendmode, contact Trevor on 0203 411 4464 or email for your mobile marketing questions or queries.

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