Generate new leads with SMS Shortcodes

Print media and direct mail advertising tends to be sms shortcodesvery general as they are not directed at specific target audiences and as a result are largely ineffective. On the other hand, SMS text messaging and SMS Shortcodes are estimated to be 10 times more effective than newspaper advertising and 5 times more effective than direct mail. This is because SMS is personal to each mobile phone owner and can therefore be targeted and highly effective.

“Roughly one in three searches, even in the smaller categories, are happening on a mobile phone, but how many people are putting one seventh of your resources into mobile?” Jason Spero, Google (Feb 2011).

SMS Text Marketing can breathe new life into your existing print advertising or direct mail campaigns with the use of an exclusive KEYWORD. The keyword used in SMS Marketing Campaigns is one word or phrase (11 characters max) that communicates what the product, service, or business is.

To get customers to sign up for your SMS Marketing campaign, place the KEYWORD into your existing ads, whether they are on billboards, radio, TV, in newspapers or magazines. This means the customer can give their permission for you to text them – adding another layer of interaction that will result in attracting new customers  and increasing your market share.

In an SMS Marketing campaign the KEYWORD is texted to an sms shortcode, for example 51444, and can be used for a wide variety of promotional reasons, for example:
– VIP promotions
– Competitions
– Coupons for free drinks, food or any product you sell
– Surveys
– OPT-Ins for your customers
– Easy booking of an upcoming event
– and much more …

Sendmode offer a range of SMS Shortcodes Packages to suit every business including a basic package of Keyword only rental, a business starter package of 2 Keywords plus 3000 SMS Credits or if you want to reach a broad audience with the same Keyword campaign, Sendmode can easily accommodate your business requirements. Sendmode have standard rate shortcodes which means that the customer is charged at normal texting rates, while there is NO CHARGE for them to receive an SMS from the service.

Contact us today to set up your Bulk SMS and SMS Shortcodes account and start generating new sales leads with Sendmode’s low cost messaging service. We can be reached on 0203 411 4464, or register with us on our website.

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