Easter Marketing Campaigns

Easter Marketing Campaigns

With Easter arriving in a few weeks, it is time to start thinking about our Easter marketing campaigns. Let’s get straight to it. We are in the business of SMS Marketing which is proven to be the most effective direct communication with your customers. The statistics are well known, 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt and SMS Text is the only “app” on every phone on the entire planet.

Let’s say you have organized a sale which will start on Easter Saturday and run through until Easter Monday.

  • Pre-Opening Times for valued customers.
    Send an SMS to your most valued customers saying that an exclusive offer is available to them and the store will open early or late to accommodate them
  • For a Saturday sale, send you SMS on Thursday night and again on Saturday mid-morning.
  • Ensure the promotion is of value to the customer, not just BIG SALE or FLASH SALE, you know your customers, what they would value most will bring the best return for your business.

Send your campaign across your social media channels also; this can be done via most SMS services like ourselves. You can also attach an image to the SMS using Tier 1 services like Sendmode.

Finally, even though you will be busy always cast a thought to other times when you may not as busy, with this in mind, always ask your customers for permission to promote future offers to them. This list can be used in a targeted campaign during quieter times.

After Easter Campaigns

Next week we will be concentrating on the lull after Easter and how to make the most of the time in the weeks after Easter. Traditionally the weeks after Easter can see a drop in sales, however with some targeted campaigns this period can be as busy as any other for your business.

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I hope you found this helpful in any way and thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We love the feedback we receive from everyone and it is our customers and blog readers who drive the innovation in our SMS Marketing service.