Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is any form of marketing that makes use of digital devices to engage with your customers and stakeholders. Marketers use technologies such as websites, email, sms, social media and mobile apps. Many companies would use a mix of traditional and Digital Marketing to both reach the largest audience and engage consumers at a personal level. Examples of this are a TV campaign with a call to action to visit a company’s social media site or to text in to enter a competition.

When the consumer engages with the company through social media or via text, there is now an opportunity to build a relationship with the consumer with the end goal being turning that person from potential to actual customer. As the consumer has opted in and acted upon your ad (which you have paid well for!!! ) it is extremely important that an engagement process now takes place.

We are in the business of SMS marketing and the results we see from opt in SMS Marketing are quite staggering.  98% of consumers who have opted in to receive SMS Marketing messages from your company will read the message within 3 minutes of receiving. Across all industries, 12% of these people will make a purchase from your company. That is an incredible statistic.

In our experience there are 2 keys connection points

  1. The opt-in process whether it’s a call to action on your website, flyer, radio, tv or even your business card.
  2. The timing and content of the digital marketing campaign that you may now send to the opt in consumers. Make sure it is concise and relevant to why they opted in to your service.

For example; if you run a newspaper campaign advertising the latest winter sports gear at low prices with a call to action to join a text or social media group.  Your Digital marketing campaign should now enhance this message and even improve the offer.

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