Cost-effective Ways of Sending out company Christmas Greetings!

As Christmas draws near, your employees, clients and even suppliers will expect some form of Christmas greeting. With businesses looking to cut costs though, and company Christmas cards at a premium there’s also a probability that you may not be able to afford sending out expensive cards to everyone within the company’s sphere, including your customers.

However, there are some cost-effective techniques for getting your Christmas greetings to members of your staff and clients without breaking the bank. Here are a few techniques that are effective, yet won’t leave your business in the red – and you can be sure that everyone will love them

1 Digital Videos

They say videos have the capacity to capture the interest of an audience far better than words and pictures. Videos are a great way to send your Christmas greetings, but only if you know how to use them properly. If you want something made for you, you could opt for paying out a one off cost for someone to create your video for you, and it can be used for both customers and staff alike. However, if you have a quality camera or videophone you can use this to record your Christmas greeting as a personal statement, another good touch.

Once you have your camera on, you can place it in your office, and then talk while facing it to deliver your Christmas message. You don’t even need any video-editing skills, since the video can be uploaded and sent via email as it is.

2 Sending Email Cards

E-cards are very effective yet low in cost. They’ve been used to effectively send out greetings for many events and many people like to receive them. You can also customise them by adding your own unique touch, such as your photo, music, and even a message. Once you do that, you can email them the regular way or post them on social media.

There are several sites on the web that offer templates for doing this, so your Christmas message will be ready in just a couple of minutes. If you like, you can choose separate E-cards for your staff members and customers, as the two categories have different roles in your business, so the message has to be tailored appropriately.

3 Bulk Messaging

Christmas greetings ideas never run out, especially in this day and age. There are times when you may not find it convenient sending your message directly using the two methods we just mentioned.

Maybe you’ve already released your employees for the Christmas break, or maybe you just want to ensure that your message reaches all the intended recipients. It doesn’t cost a lot to use bulk SMS with links to your video Christmas message, or e-card. It’s a straightforward way of keeping things brief, by only sending a short SMS, with a link to your video message.

Alternatively you could use your bulk SMS to send out Christmas greetings, tailored to the group you’re sending to. Bulk messages are used a lot in marketing and it’s likely that your recipient will keep the message on their phone instead of simply deleting it, which puts you in a great position of being right in front of prospective clients whilst they’re on their Christmas break, when they may have a little more time to think about how your business could help them!

If you’re ready, maybe you could start preparing your message right now. It’s cost-free, and they’ll appreciate it. It’s the little things you do that will matter come next year.

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