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Can You Ignore SMS Marketing

Texting has been around for over 20 years now, and for anyone in business is the backbone in initial carrier billing efforts, media interactions, voting and all sorts. Similarly, it’s potential in marketing has been acknowledged for almost a decade.

With more and more businesses using email marketing, paid social and other search engine marketing to promote themselves, it’s getting harder to stand out amongst the noise.

According to editor Paul Skeldon SMS in marketing is set to become a mainstream tool.

Over the years several studies have been carried out in relation to SMS marketing, and the results are startling. Any company, small or large, would be silly not to take advantage of the many benefits SMS marketing has to offer.

SMS marketing messages have an open rate of 98% in the first three minutes of delivery, compare these results to that of email marketing or just about any other form of marketing. Most of us have our phones in arms-reach 24/7. Besides meeting face-to-face or calling each customer, I can’t think of a more direct way to communicate your message whilst ensuring the message is delivered straight into the right hands, at the right time. Can you?

Studies in the UK have found that 37.2 million consumers have opted to use SMS and mobile communication as their preferred method of contact with businesses. This number is also predicted to increase to 48.7m by 2020 – making SMS marketing the fastest growing marketing channel in the UK.

A startling 8.3 trillion SMS messages are sent worldwide a year, that’s 23 billion messages per day. Globally, making SMS the most trusted form of communication out there.

Surprisingly, it is also suggest that only 50% of businesses actually use SMS.

With the rise of rcs which is part of the new Advanced Messaging standard designed to greatly improve messaging functionality that comes installed on mobile devices that will allow for higher quality picture messaging, group chats, location sharing, and video calls. RCS is looking to go beyond the capabilities seen in many of today’s messaging apps. Unlike SMS, new technologies can be integrated with contact apps to see who else supports the service. It is likely that SMS will become more attractive to those is currently don’t utilize the platform.

You don’t need to look further than Apple’s wallet to understand that the power RCS will have on any smartphone is significant. According to research, for every wallet pass a consumer installs, it is shared and added to 3.3 other mobile devices on average – that’s a 4.3 times share rate.

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A fun fact about SMS:
The original Nokia phone beep for an incoming text message “special” which was heard everywhere back in the 90s was in fact Morse code for “SMS”.

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