Bulk SMS Messaging versus Email Marketing

Currently, Bulk SMS mobile marketing is gaining recognition as one of the most immediate and powerful ways to reach today’s digitally-connected consumer. Over 5 million mobile phones have been subscribed to worldwide!!! As little as 34% of people use their mobile phones to email, compare that to 72% of people who use text messaging on their mobile phones. Statistics reveal the average number of emails received monthly is 1,216, the average number of texts received? 178. Undoubtedly, clearly there is a competitive edge of Bulk SMS messaging versus Email Marketing.

Mobile devices are ubiquitous, and virtually everyone reads text messages.  Further statistics show, on average, out of 100 marketing emails dispatched, only 22% are actually read, with a response rate of less than 2%. Whereas with text messages, 97% are read within a few minutes of receipt, with a response rate of 23%+ !! Ten times the response rate of email advertisements!

SPAM.  90% of all emails are spam …. Fact! Compared to only 1% of text messages.

Bulk SMS messaging is as versatile as email. Coupons, promotions, notifications, daily tips, appointment reminders, real-time event information/updates . . . the list of possible text message types is endless. Despite the fact text alerts must be conveyed in 160 characters or less,  embedding a link into your text alerts can be setup in minutes!

Instant Reach of Target Audience.  With a little research and analysis of when your customers are most likely to act on your promotion/alert, you can now reach your customers when the impact is greatest i.e. when they are most likely to purchase.  With a strategic text marketing campaign, when a customer receives an alert at the right time, with the exact information required, there is an ultimate sense of relevancy that the customer appreciates…. next step ….. conversion!

Lastly, there are over 5 billion mobile phones worldwide versus 1 billion PCs, moreover, researchers predict by 2014 mobile use will exceed desktop use….. I rest my case! Which will be more effective for your business Email Marketing or Bulk SMS?

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