Why Bulk SMS Personalisation is Important

There are numerous ways to ensure you are getting the most return out of your marketing campaigns.  However, one of the key contributors to highly effective call-to-actions is to ‘personalise’ your messages.  We all agree spending time and money on retaining existing customers is much more successful than efforts expended on sourcing new customers.  Therefore, why not treat your loyal customer base with the personalised touch they deserve!

Here are a few examples:

Hi Julie, Sumptuous Sambos here, come and try our new ‘Earthy Combo’ for free this Thursday! Text ‘sambo’ to 12345 for your voucher number. We look forward to seeing you!

Dear Mr Smith, are you and your loved ones ready for a hotel break that will take you to a haven you won’t want to leave! Text ‘hotel’ to 67890 for 20% off all weekend breaks between Feb & Apr!

Customers will feel much more appreciated and privileged if you engage with them with personalised messages. Also, why not try sending out a happy birthday text on their special day! Our Bulk SMS system has an automatic birthday text feature which is setup once and will send a birthday offer to your customers on their special day. Very popular with any business in the entertainment industry.

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