Bulk SMS Marketing: How To Get The Message Out In 160 Characters


Hope everyone had a happy and peaceful XMas. Quick post today on how to become an expert in getting your promotional message out there in 160 characters or less.  160 characters !!! Not a lot to get your message across and it’s one of the most persistent challenges of Bulk SMS Marketing.

And with users using text shorthand every day such as lol, r u gr8 to overcome the 160 character limit, it becomes even more challenging. However, when done correctly SMS marketing still gives the best return on investment for all marketing strategies. Where else can you get a targeted promotion delivered into the pocket of 2,500 customers for £90?

Now unfortunately text shorthand is not appropriate for business to consumer SMS but there are a few language tricks that can keep your messages within the limits of a normal SMS while delivering your business message.

Here are five for you to experiment with.

  1. Lead with the call to action. Traditionally the call to action is placed at the end or to the side of an advertisement. However people are used to brevity in SMS Messages so feel free to send a message which is simply a call to action (i.e. “Call us before 3 p.m. with your order and get a free pizza!”). The brevity and time limit can also create the effect of urgency, hopefully encouraging more customers to take advantage of your offer sooner.
  2. Keep it simple and straightforward. Bulk SMS marketing is not the place for fluffy language. When you only have two sentences to work with, you can only give your customers the bare bones of your message. Don’t worry about sounding rude; text users are used to that tone. Much like the first point, the terseness can create a sense of urgency that should hopefully spark more action.
  3. Study news headlines. Headline makers are experts in getting their message across in as few words as possible. Think of some of the best headlines in our newspapers over the years, newspaper headlines have made conciseness an art form. Study what they do and you’ll become an expert in using descriptive adjectives and action verbs, creating a picture in the fewest words possible.
  4. Use links. Smartphones can easily link directly from an SMS Message to a web page or mobile web page. This allows you to place an advertisement with images and video on your (or our) web platform and ask people to click the link in your SMS Message. Ask us about our new mobile pages platform to find out more.
  5. Reread your message. When you read something to yourself over and over agai, your mind will find a way to remove words and still deliver the message. So spend a few minutes rereading the message and you’ll be able to cut down on word count while maintaining the main point in the message.

So try all these tips to see which ones work best for you, before you know it you’ll be an expert in delivering your message in as few characters and as cost effectively as possible.

We are experts in SMS Marketing and create tailored campaigns and advice for all our customers, if you would like to know more please contact us at support@sendmode.com or by phone at 020 3411 4464 or have a look around the website and try a free trial.


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