Bulk SMS for Hairdressers

Going mobile to contact your customers is the NEW STYLE 🙂 !  Bulk SMS for hairdressers is a cost effective way to get your message out there! Businesses currently using Bulk SMS are enjoying notable results in their footfall and bottom line figures.

Sendmode Business Messaging, one of the current leaders in SMS Marketing, are here to help get you started, offering 25 FREE Credits  for you to try out the system for yourself!

Reasons for Bulk SMS for Hairdressers Success Rate

  • Read rate – mobile devices are in use 24/7.  Text messages are read within 5 minutes.  How powerful is that!!
  • BULK SMS is in expensive – contact 1,000 customers for at little as £37
  • BULK SMS is instant/realtime
  • BULK SMS is targeted

Furthermore, utilise Bulk SMS for Hairdressers to remind customers of appointments thus saving revenue.  Advertise promotions, discounts, OAP days etc, the options are endless!

Contact Trevor or John  on Tel 020-3411-4464 or email support@sendmode.com to help get your campaign started!

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