Bulk SMS for Golf Clubs

Golf Clubs, similar to all other businesses, are focusing on increasing footfall to their greens, to boost revenue and grow their business. Golf clubs currently availing of Bulk SMS messaging are marching ahead of their rivals! More and more, Bulk SMS for Golf marketing is gaining recognition as one of the most immediate and powerful tools to reach today’s digitally-connected consumer. In this modern era, it is essential to be ahead of your game by maximising technological advancements to answer to all your marketing requirements.  Let’s look at how Bulk SMS marketing can result in more tee times!!


Regularly reach out to customers through Bulk SMS marketing. No need for expensive marketing ads in local newspapers or magazines. Do away with your posters and leaflets! Simply use Bulk SMS messaging service to spread the word!


Bulk SMS marketing dispatches messages in real time, constantly keeping your customers updated about any changes in schedules etc. Advertise upcoming events and inform customers of optimal weather conditions.

Special Deals

Notify customers of your daily/weekly offers!  Don’t forget, special offers can also extend to your Golf bar, cafe, restaurant i.e. free coffee and scones on Tuesdays or avail of 1 x free lunch if a friend referral becomes a member!

Mobile Coupons

Bulk SMS marketing coupons are extremely effective in selling your golf products i.e. send out a message saying, buy 2 clubs and get a golf ball free!

Sendmode.co.uk, an award winning Bulk SMS messaging service, are ever ready to help get you started and to assist with further queries.  Contact Trevor or John on Tel: 020-3411-4464 to hear more about Bulk SMS for Golf Clubs or email support@sendmode.com OR simply click ‘Create Account’ on www.sendmode.co.uk to receive 25 free credits to get you up and running!

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