Bulk SMS for Cinemas

Create and grow a loyal customer database by using Bulk SMS for Cinemas!  Entice potential customers and bring your existing customers back to your complex …. always!

It’s easy to set up and very inexpensive compared to other marketing mediums e.g. newspapers, magazines, radio etc.  For as little as €34 you can contact 1,000 customers directly.

To incorporate Bulk SMS to your marketing suite, simply register with SendMode’s award winning service.  We will provide you with endless tips on how Bulk SMS Marketing can really work for you!

How it works:-

Request potential customers to text a keyword i.e. WIN and your name to a shortcode i.e. 51444 on a screen or billboard outside your premises.  Customers can then join/opt-in to  your loyalty club by SMS.  Messages must be attractive to entice customers to opt-in i.e.  “Enter into a draw to win two free tickets!” or “Free popcorn + drink!”

Once your database of mobile numbers is compiled (we can import your numbers from an excel spreadsheet!),  start texting your customers with;  up to date listings, discounts, promotion nights, student nights, special prices for 5+ bookings etc etc.  Sendmode will set up an account and get your marketing campaigns up and running in seconds!  Click ‘Create Account’ on our home page to test the system for yourself!

Remember 98% of all SMS messages are opened and read, on average, within five minutes.

Contact Trevor or John on Tel 020-3411-4464 or email support@sendmode.com to help you get your campaigns up and rolling!!!

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