Election Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing for Your Election Campaign

With the EU elections coming up on 23rd May in the UK, there are hundreds of candidates beginning their crusade to persuade constituents to vote for them.  This is most likely being done on a shoestring budget.  With little money and so many marketing channels to choose from, candidates will rely on their campaign managers to advise them on the best communication methods.

Bulk SMS Marketing is a proven direct method of communicating with canvassers and constituents.  At a cost of between 2.2 and 3.7p per text message (depending on quantity purchased), it is a low cost marketing tool that can provide instant results.

Bulk SMS can be used throughout an election campaign in a number of ways:

  • To communicate with and organise canvassers
  • Provide regular updates to constituents
  • Recipients can reply, providing a channel of communication with voters
  • To make constituency announcements before the media

Here are some examples:

“Hi John, Canvassing begins in Biddulph this evening at 6pm meeting on Centre Street. Reply CANVAS followed by Yes or No to confirm your attendance. Text CANVAS STOP to 88990 to opt out”

“Hi Mary, Your Local Election Candidate John Doe will discuss his policies on Friday 18th May at 8pm in Centre Hotel, Biddulph. Come along to hear or visit www.johndoe.com for info. Text JOHNDOE STOP to 88990 to opt out”

Are you running in this year’s EU election?

We would like to offer you a referral incentive.  Sendmode will reward 1000 free credits for every purchasing referral received from any candidate.

You’ve got a small amount of time to make a big impact. Bulk SMS marketing is read by 98% of its recipients, which is more than can be said for some traditional methods or social media. Get your message in the hands of your canvassers and voters by using Sendmode’s bulk SMS online platform.

For more information contact Trevor on 02034114464 or email support@sendmode.com . Thanks for reading our blog and good luck with your election campaign!

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