build customer list for january sales

Build Your Customer List Now for January Sales

The holiday shopping period will start this week. Business will be brisk, staff will be busy and the tills will be ringing. However we should take advantage of this busy period and the increased footfall to build our customer lists for 2017. When a customer has taken the time to visit your outlet, it is the perfect time to seek permission to send that customer special offers and promotions in 2017.

It is much less costly to market directly to an existing customer than to try to find a new one. Below are some unobtrusive ways of increasing your customer database and broadening the effectiveness of your marketing in 2017.

Mobile Keywords

Mobile keywords are a very effective and the most unobtrusive method of building your customer list. Any good Bulk SMS supplier can provide a mobile keyword for your business and you can ask customers to send a text to this keyword to automatically join your VIP customer list.

For example; Thai-tanic restaurant in Belfast used the mobile keyword, Thai-tanic to build its customer base over the holiday period in 2016. The message “Text Thai-tanic to 80990 to join our VIP customer list and avail of special offers” was added to all flyers, posters and brochures. Customers could text this mobile keyword if they wished to join the customer list at any time if they wished to do so.

Mobile keywords are proving much more effective than trying to get customers to download custom apps developed for your business as it is much easier and less time consuming to send a text to a mobile keyword and consumers do not like using up their phone screen real estate with business apps.

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Run a competition over the holiday period and ask customers to fill out their name, mobile number and email address to enter the competition. This could be a simple sheet of paper in your outlet and although a more manual approach it can be just as effective as mobile keywords.

In both the above cases it is important that the customer is aware that you are seeking permission to send them offers in 2017. Permission based marketing, coupled with a direct marketing technique like SMS is proven to give the highest return of any marketing channel.

The statistics for permission based marketing coupled with SMS Marketing are 12% response rate across all industries; however it is much closer to 25% for the retail and FMCG sectors.

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I hope you found this helpful and thank you for taking the time to read our blog.