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Innovative SMS Marketing Techniques to Tackle New Technologies

With all the new technology around these days, some say SMS marketing is becoming outdated. It’s one of the oldest forms of mobile communication which we still use regularly. However, this can’t be the case if it’s being used by companies renowned for revolutionising industries with forward thinking attitude. Brands such as Google, Facebook, Uber, […]

SMS marketing for travel companies

SMS Marketing for Travel Companies

SMS marketing allows you to keep your customers up to date with alerts and travel updates at any time. With an unparalleled average open rate of 98%, SMS beats all other forms of communication for ease, speed and value – and is very inexpensive. Customer service is of utmost importance in every industry, but no […]

B2B SMS Marketing

Easy and Effective B2B SMS Marketing Tips

With the mere mention of SMS marketing, many will automatically think of annoying or unwanted offers being sent to your mobile device via text message. SMS is becoming more common than you may think, and for good reason too. B2B SMS marketing can be tremendously effective. So why consider using SMS? Firstly, think about this: […]

Attracting Gen Z Shopping to your store with digital marketing

Attracting Generation Z Shoppers to your Store

Generation Z are those born in 1996 or older, and they are about to take over. In fact, by 2020, this generation will be the largest consumer group in the world, making up over 40% of the consumer base. Their shopping need and behaviours will force retailers to rethink and re-engineer their approaches more than […]

SMS Marketing

Building Brand Loyalty Through SMS Marketing

There are a number of important things to consider when building a business. In a world where your competition can be found in just a few seconds, instilling brand loyalty in a customer is a greater challenge than ever. One bad social media faux pas and you could find yourself losing customers quickly. One way […]

SMS Marketing

Summertime Marketing Tips

Summer can be a challenging time for many businesses. The weather is heating up but that doesn’t mean that your marketing efforts should be cooling off. Summer means that we are half way through the year, which is a perfect time to reassess your marketing plan. Use this time to percolate some new ways to […]

failing at social media marketing

Why You’re Failing at Social Media Marketing

Everyone is doing it, social media marketing that is. And some are better at it than others. Having an effective social media marketing strategy may be one of the most important determinate to the success of your business. The debate as to whether your brand should participate in social media is long over. Social media […]

smishing and sms firewalls why you need to protect yourself

Smishing and SMS Firewall: Why you need to protect yourself

Whether it be at a cash-point, on our email account or shopping online- our private data seems to be a target both online and in real life. And now our phones are also a target. Many of us will have received a questionable text at some point – and according to recent findings, “smishing” is […]

SMS v Email

SMS Marketing vs. Email

Email has been a thorn in the side for business professionals and small business owners for decades. The endless pile of messages in our inboxes, and the constant battle of deciding what deserves our attention. Yet, email remains a mainstay of mass marketing communications. Over the years, it’s cemented as a necessity for ever type […]

business advertising

Business Advertising

When budgets are tight, marketing may be the first expense you look to cut. But, let me stop you right there. While traditional advertising methods are expensive and hard to measure, small businesses have never had greater access to cost-effective, trackable marketing tools. Knowing where to start can sometimes be tricky for small businesses, so […]