Benefits of QR Codes

This post will provide you with some of the Benefits of QR Codes to your business as below:

– QR Codes are free to download in an easy manner as they are supported by Google through its Android OS.
– QR Codes are a quick and simple way to direct users to an online destination,  e.g. a product url, social networking account, special offers or information and lots more.
– QR Codes enable the linking of online and offline marketing efforts – resulting in increased revenues and traffic to your website.– QR codes are environmentally friendly as they enabling utilising printed material to their full potential in order to engage with customers via their mobile phones. This drives traffic to the mobile website, reducing the need for print advertising in the future.
– QR Codes are free to download and produce making them extremely cost effective for businesses to use as a marketing tool.
– QR Codes linking to the company mobile website url or to the company address are ideal for placing in magazines, on business cards, signs, transport or any object available to users.
– QR Codes can be used as a support tool also by placing the QR Code on your product – which when scanned will direct the customer to the company support / contact us page.
– Drives traffic to your mobile website or a specific mobile webpage/ Drive footfall to your store
– Build reputation of company
– Build mailing list subscriptions
– Promote your company in an effective manner
– QR Codes save users having to make a note of/typing url’s to navigate to the company website.
– QR Codes are very versatile as they can be used for any purpose to achieve any goal e.g. getting users to interact with the company by scanning the QR codes to ultimately drive traffic to a specific mobile webpage or to promote something new and develop its brand.
– QR Codes can be targeted in/on marketing materials that are not online (on your computer).
– QR Codes acts as a way to measure success of offline marketing campaigns e.g. print/signage marketing. This means you can justify your marketing budget spending by showing the increased success of marketing campaigns.
– Use the QR Codes to promote special offers in nearby businesses and online directories, which will enable visitor to nearby locations to call in to receive the reward.
– Place a QR Code on your social network platforms to reward fans for their support, building loyalty.

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