Benefits of Bulk SMS

Mobile marketing is growing in the big business world as people are looking to cut costs and widen their audience. However, there are a lot of companies that remain unaware of its benefits.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the biggest reasons to employ bulk SMS as a marketing method for your business:


Text messages are instant, once you press send they are received by the intended recipient within just a few seconds, which means they’re perfect for marketing. SMS marketing is the only way to guarantee that the recipient will actually look at the material you’re sending out. A lot of marketing material is sent out on a daily basis and a lot goes straight in the bin, because people get annoyed with it clogging up their post box.

If you send your marketing material via text, you can be sure it’ll be picked up by the intended audience and cannot be ignored.


It’s obviously cheaper to send a text than it is to get hundreds or thousands of leaflets printed, but the real saving is in the fact that it’s a bulk message. The savings and speed that accompany bulk SMS marketing means that you can use it for last minute communications. It’s a technique that’s used by some of the biggest businesses and public services:

  • National Express save around £8,500 annually by offering SMS tickets as an alternative to printed tickets
  • The NHS saves £15,000 in GP appointments and £3,000 in nurse appointments sending out appointment reminders via bulk SMS


With no paper, no printing, no waste, no transportation and no fuel, there are huge environmental benefits to bulk SMS, which is great for companies that are constantly looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

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