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Attaching an image to a Bulk SMS

Business owners who use Bulk SMS as part of their marketing mix have long understood how effective it is to reach customers instantly with offers, promotions, news and events information. The open rates (98%) and response rates ( 12%-50% ) are unparalleled across all other forms of marketing. There are 2 companies in the UK and Ireland who have raised the bar even further though, allowing you to send an image with a Bulk SMS. This allows business owners to send flyers, menus, brochures or even photo’s directly to their customers handsets.  Marketers have a fancy name for it; Ad-Linking.

This has increased the response rates for our customers even further and the feedback we are receiving has been fantastic.

The other company who provides this are called Textlocal, check them out, they are a great company.

With the Sendmode image functionality, we can report on how many people have clicked on the link and who they are. This data becomes extremely useful when checking who may be interested but has not had an opportunity to avail of your offer yet. Maybe an opportunity to re market to these customers perhaps?

We’ve made the design very simple and easy to use, you just need to upload the image when you are creating your SMS campaign and then a small link is inserted into your Bulk SMS campaign message. When customers receive the SMS, they can click on the link and be brought directly to the image.

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