5 major sms marketing mistakes

5 Major SMS Marketing Mistakes Never to be Made!

Bulk SMS marketing is permission based marketing, taking advantage of the ubiquity of mobile devices and the prevalence of texting as a form of communication. SMS marketing has gained, and is continuing to gain recognition as one of the most immediate and powerful ways to reach today’s digitally-connected consumer. Utilised and implemented correctly, this essential marketing tool will instantly boost sales and increase ROI.  However, there are 5 major SMS marketing mistakes that can easily be made, particularly when starting out.


5 Major SMS Marketing Mistakes

1. Texting without Permission

This is, for sure, the number one to be avoided.  By law, Bulk SMS is permission based.  You must have permission from each and every subscriber before you implement your campaigns.  Legal penalties can be colossal, not to mention the severe damage your brand would suffer.

2. Complicated Opt-in Process

Be mindful some folk are still using feature phones.  QR codes can be complicated and not everyone will have a QR scanner on their phone.  Keep it simple, with no room for error. Do not use specialised characters and avoid using zero and ‘o’ as they can be difficult to decipher in your opt out option. Your goal is to capture ALL prospective subscribers.

3. Message Overload

The frequency of campaigns will differ from industry to industry. Try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. How many text messages would you want to receive on a monthly basis? Never be intrusive. Sending too many messages can not only increase customer opt outs but it can also severely damage your brand’s image. It’s worth considering, from time to time, giving your subscribers a breather; it will help to keep campaigns fresh and enticing.

4. Lengthy, ‘non-value’ Campaigns

The three essential ‘C’s must be applied; Clear, Concise with a strong Call to action. Ensure your campaigns are succinct, free of ambiguity and full of value! Keep them short and sweet, and above all, difficult to resist! Avoid “non-promotional” messages. Remember, customers have signed up to be notified of; special deals, offers, promotions, and essential alerts.

5. Inappropriate Timing

Always be respectful. Know your customers and categorise your database accordingly.  Remember your entire customer base won’t want to receive messages from all of your campaigns.  The golden rule is…do not disturb! Never text too early or too late!  Schedule your messages in advance to suit your customers.

With a little effort and experimentation, Bulk SMS WILL work! Avoid these 5 major SMS marketing mistakes and you’ll find yourself on a guaranteed, sure-fire path to success.

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