2013 Christmas Rush; Black Friday, Webrooming & Showrooming…are you ready?

Business owners, retailers …. ‘Black Friday’ is nigh …. well, we certainly hope so!!! For those of you unfamiliar with this accounting term, it signifies your books being in the black i.e. ROI (return of investment) finally exceeding overheads. The Christmas rush is almost upon us and whilst the general public prepare their gift lists, retailers await in trepidation for ‘Black Friday’. Hence, this is the ideal time to ramp up your mobile marketing campaigns in conjunction with your social media activity.

Sendmode, a multi-award winning Business Messaging service will get you up and running in minutes, enabling you to send deals, promotions, discounts, news on new products etc to your customers, all at low cost! Sendmode also offer a social media app whereby you can manage ALL your social media in minutes, producing reports to monitor all your activity, letting you know which media is the most successful – saving you time, money and headaches!

Sparked’ have published a succinct, comprehensive infographic, informing us of mobile engagement patterns specifically for the holiday season. Have you ever searched on your smartphone for goods whilst in a retail outlet and then purchased? Or have you ever looked up your favourite brands from home and then purchased online? If the answer is yes, join millions of others, you are ‘webrooming’ and ‘showrooming’! Is your business ready for webrooming and showrooming? Your customers are mobile, you should be too.

Check out the statistics below, illustrating the current power and significance of mobile marketing. Together with Sendmode’s mobile messaging service and their social media application, your balance sheets will be in the black!

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