10 Steps for Arranging a Successful Office Xmas Party

10 Steps for Arranging a Successful Office Xmas Party

With Christmas being round the corner, everyone is busy with their planning and preparations. If you have been entrusted with the task of organising your office Christmas party, and are confused with how and where to start, then the below tips will get you off to a good start. Happy planning!

1. Set your budget

The first thing you need to be aware of is your budget. You cannot make unrealistic plans for an event then be forced to scale back as you’ve gone over budget. So, make sure you find out about it, before moving ahead.

2. Decide the Type of Event

You can either plan a lunch or an evening party. You also need to consider the date you have selected. If it is a Saturday, then evening parties would be ideal, and if it is a weekday, then a lunch party would be appropriate.

3. Set a Date

Christmas office parties are generally planned during the second or third week of December. Friday and Saturday nights are most common for evening parties, while you can choose any day of the week for a lunch. Venues get booked up very fast, so decide a date as soon as possible to get your choice of venue.

4. Look for a Venue

Make sure you visit the venue before booking it, or else you might not get quite what you want! Do ask the events manager what you can use and what will you get for the price you pay. Compare different venues, keeping in mind all the facilities they offer, and then decide on one. If your budget is really low, you could opt to hold it at the office, but this is really only a last resort!

5. Drink and Food

A buffet or a sit down meal is usually expected at Christmas parties. Don’t forget to arrange food for the vegetarians or other special dietary requirements. As far as drinks are concerned, you can either arrange for a number of vouchers for each member of staff, or if it is a sit down meal, you can offer a bottle of wine or champagne per table.

6. Music and Entertainment

If the music and entertainment is right, your party will be a great success. There are many options, and you need not just stick to some music and a dance floor. You can opt for a live performer like a magician or a comedian, or you may choose karaoke or casino tables.

7. Send Invitations via Bulk SMS

A great, cost-effective way of reminding staff of where they need to be, what they need to wear and if they need to organise transport is by SMS.  You can use bulk SMS service to send invitations to your guests, then keep them updated of the details.

8. Seating Plan

Once you know how many people are attending the office Christmas party, you can plan a seating arrangement if you have decided to have a sit-down meal. This can be a difficult task, but will ensure an organised and successful party.

9. Organise Transportation

If the venue you have chosen is far from where most of your staff live, it will be great to arrange transport, so that your staff can get back home safely. Mini buses are economical and can easily get all your staff to and from the venue. You can also remind people of the travel arrangement via your bulk SMS’s which saves any trouble on the night.

10. After The Event

Do send a request your staff to give feedback. This may seem to be extra work, but will prove to be of great help when you plan your next Christmas party.

Now that you know how to organize an office Christmas party, you’ll be ready to plan, so get ready to have a great time – you’ve earned it!

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